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Clean drinking water, made on-site, any site, anywhere in the world

SOURCE® water can be produced on-site without any infrastructure, removing the logistics and cost of water delivery while promoting long-term health and wellness through readily available drinking water.

  • Worksites

    No plastic, no trucking. Drinking water with no limits, no matter where your worksite sits.

  • Communities

    Sidestep the need for infrastructure and provide the highest quality drinking water for any community.

  • Schools

    Clean, great tasting drinking water made on campus and piped directly to dispensers for students and staff.

  • Hospitality and Destinations

    A sustainable amenity for environmentally-minded tourism. Provide guests with ultra-premium drinking water with an onsite renewable system.

  • Where do you need water?

    SOURCE is a renewable drinking water solution for communities and organizations of all kinds. Let us know how we can help you.

  • Does SOURCE purify and filter the water it produces?

    SOURCE Water starts pure and is made better through mineralization, unlike most water which starts dirty and has...

  • Can I track my water production?

    As a SOURCE owner, you can monitor your Hydropanels’ performance with our mobile application! With the app, you...

  • What are my configuration options?

    SOURCE fields are configured in three ways: 1. Centralized dispensing from a single array 2. Distributed dispensing from...

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We’ve built custom solutions for water needs in more than 50 countries. Let’s solve yours.