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Self-renewing drinking water for worksites of any size


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Hydropanels™ produce clean, cost-effective drinking water for jobsites of any size. Installing an array of Hydropanels on location allows workers to access a self-renewing supply of fresh drinking water – without the logistics or cost of trucking in potable water.

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Six reasons to choose SOURCE® for your worksite

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    Cost Savings

    Significant cost benefits compared to bottled or trucked water.

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    Each Hydropanel offsets more than 50,000 plastic bottles over its lifetime.*

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    Sized for Need

    Scaled to meet the needs of any jobsite.

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    Truly Off-Grid

    Solar-powered system provides drinking water in even the most remote locations. No existing electric or water supply needed.

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    Reliable Production

    SOURCE produces drinking water without disruption in the face of drought, power outages, or lack of infrastructure.

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    Protected for purity

    Drinking water from air starts pure and is actively treated and monitored to ensure it meets and exceeds quality standards across the world.

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A source of sustainability

Producing SOURCE at a 1,000-person worksite displaces more than 30 million plastic bottles over 15 years

Take control of your worksite water source

We’ve built custom solutions for drinking water needs in more than 50 countries. Let’s build yours.