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Safe, sustainable, reliable. That's the kind of drinking water every community deserves. With SOURCE®, drinking water can be produced on site within a community, removing the logistics and cost of water delivery while promoting long-term health and wellness through readily available drinking water.

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    Remote communities
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    Water-stressed communities
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    Origin communities
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    Sustainable cities
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Six reasons to choose SOURCE for your community

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    Budget Friendly

    SOURCE offers a rapid and cost-effective way to provide clean water, and complements existing bulk water sources that are not drinking-water quality.

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    Sized for Need

    SOURCE can be scaled to serve communities from small villages to thousands of people.

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    Localized Production

    Made on site, our system allows communities to enjoy a resilient, transparent, and high-quality supply of their own locally made drinking water.

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    Protected for Purity

    Drinking water is made pure from the start and is actively monitored to ensure it meets and exceeds quality standards across the world.

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    Great Taste

    Our curated mineral composition was designed for optimal taste and perfect mouthfeel. Pristine and refreshing, it’s how water should taste!

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    Because SOURCE does not require electric or water hookups, it operates independently of existing infrastructure.

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A source of sustainability

A single SOURCE Hydropanel eliminates the need for 54,000 single-use plastic water bottles over its 15-year lifespan.*

Take control of your community drinking water

We’ve built custom solutions for drinking water needs in more than 50 countries. Let’s build yours.