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Achieve your sustainability goals by offering guests an option that doesn’t contribute to the plastic problem, it actually helps solve it. Each Hydropanel offsets over 50,000 plastic bottles in its lifetime.*

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Six reasons to choose SOURCE

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    Cost Savings

    SOURCE offers significant cost benefit over bottled water. Investing in SOURCE is not only a positive for guests, it’s a positive for your bottom line.

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    Great Taste

    Our curated mineral composition was designed for optimal taste, mouthfeel and alkalinity. Pristine and refreshing, it’s how water should taste!

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    Unmatched Sustainability

    SOURCE offers a rapid and cost effective way to provide clean water and complements existing bulk water sources that are not drinking water quality.

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    Completely Renewable

    Water is captured from the inexhaustible supply of moisture in the air, so local groundwater supply is left untouched and the result is a truly renewable water supply.

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    Enhance Guest Experience

    Do good and do well by providing customers with premium drinking water that’s good for them and good for the planet, all while supporting luxury positioning.

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    Protected for Purity

    Drinking water from air starts pure and is actively treated and monitored to ensure it meets and exceeds quality standards across the world.

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A source of sustainability

SOURCE Hydropanels pull water from the air, leaving our limited reserves of groundwater untouched.

  • What does the water taste like?

    We’ve designed a curated mineral recipe for a premium water that tastes great.

  • Does SOURCE purify and filter the water it produces?

    SOURCE Water starts pure and is made better through mineralization, unlike most water which starts dirty and has...

  • How much maintenance does SOURCE require?

    SOURCE is low maintenance, like any standard appliance. It requires the air filter and polishing cartridge to be...

Enhance your guest experience with eco-friendly drinking water

We’ve built custom solutions for water needs in more than 50 countries. Let’s solve yours.