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Zero Mass Water Launches Partnership with Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Zero Mass Water Launches Partnership with Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) supports the development of renewable energy technology by providing funding, networks and knowledge in Australia. ARENA funding programs are aimed at turning innovators’ bright ideas into real world energy solutions. ARENA’s Investment Plan includes a focus on supporting replicable, innovative and efficient adoption of renewable energy solutions across the industry, building and transport sectors. Zero Mass Water and ARENA began working together in 2017 to investigate the potential for SOURCE Hydropanels to provide solutions for Australian industry, expand the scope of innovation in the solar PV and solar thermal sectors and reduce the CO₂ impact of bottled water consumption in Australia.

In February 2018, ARENA announced its partnership with Zero Mass Water and funding support for a 150 SOURCE Hydropanel demonstration project across a variety of geographies in Australia, showcasing the performance of the technology across a range of applications including schools, farms, homes, commercial buildings, local governments and water-stressed communities.

The project will also include a commissioned third party study on the CO₂ impacts of bottled water in Australia, a customer survey to evaluate impact of SOURCE Hydropanels on bottled water consumption and a resource assessment to monitor climate-based drivers on SOURCE Hydropanel performance across Australia.

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