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Making water in a desert, from sunlight and air

Making water in a desert, from sunlight and air

Dubai (CNN) – Mineralizing rivers, desalinating oceans, drilling into the ground. There are many different ways to access drinking water in places where it’s in short supply. But with overpopulation, climate change and increasing water scarcity, innovators have been on the lookout for a new solution — and some are convinced the answer is up in the air.

SOURCE Global is one of the many companies around the world extracting water from the air, with the hope of helping water-scarce communities. However, its technology has a sustainable twist. Named Hydropanels, its devices are powered by built-in solar panels.

“You’re able to harvest water from the air using solar and nothing else, no need for electricity, no need for (a) grid, no need for infrastructure — it’s perfectly self-sufficient,” explains Vahid Fotuhi, the company’s vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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