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We tap the sky for the best water on Earth

The future of drinking water is here. Experience SOURCE® Southwest: premium, renewable drinking water created from sunlight and air in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

Available exclusively at select Whole Foods Markets.
We tap the sky for the best water on Earth featured image
We tap the sky for the best water on Earth featured image

Perfect drinking water made from sunlight and air

The best drinking water doesn’t come from the ground, but from the sky above it. SOURCE® Southwest starts with the cleanest, purest water vapor molecules pulled straight from the air, combined with the perfect balance of minerals to create the best tasting bottle of water on the planet.

Starts pure, stays pure

Mineralized for health

Sustainably sourced

Premium taste

Water on a mission

Buy Water

For each and every bottle of SOURCE® Southwest purchased

Give Water

Water is donated
locally to communities in need

We believe everyone deserves access to great drinking water. That’s why every bottle of SOURCE® Southwest sold helps fund community water farms, bringing the same, premium water that’s in our bottle to Native American communities facing water-stress.

Through this program, conscious consumers help create lasting change, not by providing a drink for a day, but creating a resilient source of clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

Available Exclusively at Whole Foods Markets

SOURCE® Southwest is sold exclusively at select Whole Foods Market locations throughout the south and southwest United States including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.

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91% of the materials used to build our Hydropanels are mass bulk-recyclable

  • Does SOURCE purify and filter the water it produces?

    SOURCE Water starts pure and is made better through mineralization, unlike most water which starts dirty and has...

  • What does the water taste like?

    We’ve designed a curated mineral recipe for a premium water that tastes great.

  • How do I purchase SOURCE?

    To purchase SOURCE Hydropanels, click here here to reach one of our sales representatives. For large projects, our Water Purchase...