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Pure H20 Anywhere in the World – HGTV

Pure H20 Anywhere in the World – HGTV

See our feature in HGTV while at the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2018!

With SOURCE panels by Zero Mass Water, anybody in the world can have pure, tasty H20. All it takes? Air and sunshine! Zero Mass Water CEO, Cody Friesen explained “What we’re talking about is solar panels, that instead of making electricity, make water.”

A typical home requires 2 panels. Inside them, a special material inside them absorbs water, even in dry climates. In talking about each Hydropanel’s ability to make water, Friesen said “Those 2 panels are producing up to 10 liters per day, between them. Inside every SOURCE panel is a 30 liter reservoir where the water is mineralized, and stored until it is ready for use.”

Water in the tank is piped to your home’s faucet or fridge.

“You have water is better than the top quality brands in the world, and yet, you own it at your home, ” Friesen stated.

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