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Clean, great-tasting off-grid water for World Central Kitchen

  • Site Name

    World Central Kitchen

  • Location

    San Juan, Puerto Rico


Founded in 2010 by celebrity chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen is a not-for-profit NGO devoted to providing meals and community resilience in the wake of natural disasters. World Central Kitchen jumped into action to serve the local community of San Juan, Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and remains a steadfast presence there today.


Facing increased hurricane activity in the region, World Central Kitchen sought a way to increase their resilience in the face of future natural disasters. The “resiliency centers” they run in Puerto Rico are critical for community recovery after hurricanes, so they knew they needed a solution that would not only provide clean, great-tasting drinking water, but also one that would run independent of the grid.

SOURCE Project

World Central Kitchen partnered with Maximo Solar to install a two Hydropanel array at a greenhouse in the suburbs of San Juan. Today they have a resilient, dependable supply that is ready to provide safe, renewable drinking water to the community in the face of a natural disaster.

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