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Case Study

A potable water solution for USAID Projects

  • Site Name

    USAID Projects

  • Location

    Jordan & Lebanon


In water stressed Jordan and Lebanon, bottled water has been the most reliable choice for drinking and cooking. Mercy Corps and the René Moawad Foundation sought a solution for potable water accessible to refugee and low-income families.


Both Jordan and Lebanon face severe water issues including water scarcity, infrastructure failure, and contamination. With the influx of refugees in recent years, both countries needed to provide water for their new residents without relying on their already overburdened groundwater supplies and infrastructure or on costly bottled water.

SOURCE Project

In partnership with USAID, Arizona State University, Mercy Corps, and the René Moawad Foundation, Zero Mass Water deployed 126 Hydropanels across 12 sites in Jordan and Lebanon. With SOURCE Hydropanels, refugee and low-income communities access safe water independent of scarce groundwater supplies, aging infrastructure, and expensive bottled water, needing only sunlight and air to renew their supply each day

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