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Water disaster preparedness in a Silicon Valley Home

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    Silicon Valley Home

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    Silicon Valley, California, USA


Living in Northern California where earthquakes, wildfires and power outages are always a concern, resilience is everything. With solar panels already in place to cover his home’s power supply, Dan G. wanted to ensure that his family would also have a supply of clean, safe drinking water, no matter what.

As part of the plans for the new home he was building, Dan made disaster preparedness a top priority and didn’t want to leave water security out of the equation. Relying on his local municipality, digging a well or buying bottled water left Dan’s family vulnerable to infrastructure failure, contamination and supply shortages, so he sought a more reliable and independent drinking water solution.

SOURCE Project

Dan and his family now make drinking water completely off-grid using only sunlight and air with their home’s SOURCE Hydropanel array. Today, even in the face of a natural disaster or power outage, they have water security and peace of mind.


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