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Bringing safe, reliable water to the Samburu Girls Foundation Image
Case Study

Bringing safe, reliable water to the Samburu Girls Foundation

  • Site Name

    Samburu Girls Foundation

  • Location

    Samburu, Kenya


Dr. Josephine Kulea founded the Samburu Girls Foundation to provide young girls an alternative path to harmful cultural practices common in the region. As the girls’ home away from home, Dr. Kulea sought a water solution for the foundation’s campus to support residents’ health and wellness.

Drinking water is a vital part of any healthy living and learning environment, yet the foundation did not have access to reliable, running water. To bring water to the campus, residents would walk nearly 2 miles to the nearest river to collect water. Time spent fetching water or ill from the river’s poor water quality was time lost in studies, socializing, and preparing the girls to be leaders.

SOURCE Project

In June 2018, the Samburu Girls Foundation partnered with Hip Hop Architecture and the University of Wisconsin to bring safe, reliable water to the more than 200 young women studying at the institution. With 40 SOURCE Hydropanels installed on campus, Dr. Kulea ensures her students have the water they need to grow and thrive.


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