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Residents of Yuelamu solving safe drinking water challenge Image
Case Study

Residents of Yuelamu solving safe drinking water challenge

  • Site Name

    Yuelamu indigenous community

  • Location

    Yuelamu, Australia


Yuelamu is a remote indigenous community in Central Australia that’s home to over 200 residents that need access to clean, reliable drinking water. In 2016, Yuelamu’s local drinking water supply became contaminated with blue-green algae, making it unfit to drink. In response, the community shifted to a bore for water collection, but still required a permanent solution that would provide water security despite remoteness and the harsh climate of central Australia.

SOURCE Project

With the support of The Northern Territory Government, Central Desert Regional Council worked with SOURCE to install a 100% off-grid, community-scale Hydropanel array to produce high-quality drinking water for residents of Yuelamu.

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