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Matthew Rusike Children’s Home

  • Site Name

    Matthew Rusike Children’s Home

  • Location

    Epworth, Zimbabwe


Matthew Rusike Children’s Home (MRCH) provides residential care facilities for orphaned and vulnerable children in Epworth, Zimbabwe. MRCH is one of the largest child welfare organization in Zimbabwe, caring for over six thousand children and employing a staff of fifty. Passionate about creating a space in which children could thrive, MRCH sought a solution to their clean water access challenges for residents and staff.

Access to clean drinking water protects children from water-borne illnesses and improves their growth development, but this region faces some extreme barriers to meeting this basic human need. The main challenge faced by MRCH is access to a supply of clean water for consumption and use for activities of daily living. Due to prolonged drought, residents experience mandated water rationing as part of a local government preservation measure during the drought and drop in water levels. MRCH had previously invested in a borehole to supply drinking water, but desired a safer and more reliable solution.

SOURCE Project

In partnership with Women in Action, Andana Consulting and MRDH, Safety Nett Ltd installed four SOURCE Hydropanels at Matthew Rusike Children’s Home to provide a supply of clean, safe, delicious and renewable drinking water for youth and staff.

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