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Bringing water to the Kalimantan Villages in Indonesia Image
Case Study

Bringing water to the Kalimantan Villages in Indonesia

  • Site Name

    Kalimantan Villages

  • Location

    West Kalimantan, Indonesia


In response to growing and severe water stress in the area, Solidaridad’s Keling Kumang Group embarked on a mission to bring water security to villages throughout Kalimantan, Indonesia.


More than 27 million people don’t have access to safe drinking water in Indonesia. Without any reliable water infrastructure, community members collected drinking water by traveling on foot to dangerously contaminated rivers, using the unsafe water for drinking and cooking.

SOURCE Project

Twenty Hydropanels were installed across four villages to serve the residents of West Kalimantan, where residents now have reliable access to a long-term, sustainable and resilient supply of clean drinking water.

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