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A couple takes water quality into their own hands for their Denmark Home Image
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A couple takes water quality into their own hands for their Denmark Home

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    Denmark Home

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    Denmark, South Carolina, USA


Paula and Eugene Brown are residents of Denmark, South Carolina, a small, close-knit rural community outside of Columbia. Faced with serious, unresolved quality issues, they took matters into their own hands to find the solution to their hazardous water supply.

Concerned about the rust-colored, foul-smelling water running from their taps and suspicious health concerns, the Browns sensed something was wrong for nearly a decade. Upon seeking answers about the town’s water supply, they were left without resolution from community leaders and were forced to travel ten miles outside of town to fill heavy jugs from a spring every few weeks. Refusing to give up, the couple took the initiative to contact a nationally-renowned water quality expert who was able to confirm dangerous levels of contamination in Denmark’s drinking water.

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Armed with the knowledge that their water was indeed unsafe, the Brown’s installed two Hydropanels on the roof of their home, supplying contaminant-free, reliable water right to their kitchen sink. Now, Paula and Eugene can rest easy knowing that the water they drink and cook with is made pure, without risk of contamination.


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