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Developing sustainable water resources in remote areas in the Philippines

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    Asian Development Bank & National Electrification Agency

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In order to address growing water-stress in the region, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is working to develop sustainable water resources in remote areas in the Philippines. Meeting the water insecurity challenges of the region requires going beyond infrastructure-centric solutions that depend on existing water resources like deep wells, rainwater catchment or bottled water that is purchased many kilometers away from the communities.


Though existing water resources are already fully utilized in the region, water demand is projected to grow 30-40%. Currently, many areas have no sustainable drinking water resources and face challenges to developing and operating traditional solutions due to proximity, economics, and other socio-economic factors.

SOURCE Project

Through the National Electrification Agency (NEA), the ADB funded the installation of SOURCE Hydropanel arrays in eight locations across the Philippines to serve as a platform for the widespread implementation of this and similar technologies. The Hydropanels are installed at locations identified by NEA partner Electric Cooperatives to be used either for their own employees or to support other community buildings such as schools and medical clinics. SOURCE Hydropanels have provided these locations a new and sustainable water resource.

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