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Creating an in-gym water solution to reduce plastic waste Image
Case Study

Creating an in-gym water solution to reduce plastic waste

  • Site Name

    Adaptive Training Foundation

  • Location

    Dallas, Texas, USA


The Adaptive Training Foundation exists to empower adaptive athletes, those who have endured life-altering injuries, to bridge the gap from basic functional rehabilitation to adapted sport with programs designed to restore, recalibrate, and redefine their lives beyond limitation.


Because the Adaptive Training Foundation is committed to providing adaptive athletes with the tools they need to perform in peak condition, they wanted an in-gym drinking water solution that was not only great tasting, but also reduced plastic waste from single-use bottled water and was free from microplastics and other contaminants.

SOURCE Project

In partnership with local distributor, The Power Store, the Adaptive Training Foundation installed SOURCE Hydropanels on the roof of their facility, connected to a dispenser that is easily accesible to their athletes. Now, athletes are able to nourish their bodies with drinking water made pure from the sun and air around them.

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