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Building Partnerships: SOURCE Hydropanels in Flint Michigan

Cody Friesen

Cody Friesen

Since Zero Mass Water’s inception, our mission as a company has been to fundamentally change our global relationship to water. Families and communities around the world are using our SOURCE Hydropanels to provide reliable, resilient and renewable access to perfected drinking water. Now we are exploring what the technology could do for Flint.

We are actively working to lease unused land in the city of Flint, with plans to build an array of 300 SOURCE Hydropanels growing to several thousand to generate premium water. Our vision is to work with local partners to deliver water throughout the region – with a portion of the revenues coming back to fund water-related projects in Flint.

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining funding model, enabled by our technology and powered by the community, to support long term water-related community projects. In our experience, technology is only a part of the equation. Our most impactful projects are those where we work with the expertise of the local community to develop and implement the model.

A Solution To The Global Water Crisis

Our first two community projects will be launched this spring with publicly-accessible high-quality SOURCE water at Flint’s City Hall and at Berston Field House. Each of these two installations will produce the equivalent of up to 4,500 bottles of water per month. We are working alongside local leaders and the community to determine the best applications of our technology to support long-term, sustainable improvements in the Flint community.

Our efforts in Flint represent an investment in the long-term revitalization of this city. This lease represents our commitment to the city of Flint to bring new business for local contractors, to create new jobs and advance access to clean water, while creating an avenue of funding for community benefit.

While we have a vision of what this transformative technology can do here— we cannot do this alone. We look forward to working hand in hand with various members of the community to bring this vision to life and enable a bright, new future for Flint.

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