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Clean, safe drinking water for Central Valley California.

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A local non-profit is giving families in the Central Valley solar water panels that create fresh drinking water at your home and deliver it directly to a tap inside your house.

$100 to refer a friend**
For a limited time, you will receive $100 every time you refer someone who is eligible and gets panels installed at their home.

Who is SOURCE?

SOURCE, based in Scottsdale, AZ, uses innovative solar-powered technology, called Hydropanels, to capture pure water molecules from the air and convert them into delicious, healthy drinking water.

Installed on the roof or on the ground, Hydropanels are independent of infrastructure and make, mineralize, and deliver drinking water into your home without plugging into an additional electric or water supply.

How Do Hydropanels Work?

The SOURCE Hydropanel is a technology that incorporates multiple patented inventions alongside proprietary trade secrets, making it a one-of-a-kind renewable water technology that uses the power of the sun to extract clean, pollutant-free drinking water from the air. Collected water is then mineralized for ideal composition and taste, making premium-quality drinking water a readily available resource. 



Solar energy powers the panel completely off-grid



Fans draw in ambient air and push it through a hygroscopic, or water-absorbing material, that traps water vapor from the air



The water vapor is extracted and passively condenses into liquid that is collected in the reservoir



Minerals are added to make perfect drinking water



Sensors in each Hydropanel array allow SOURCE to monitor water quality and resolve issues remotely†



SOURCE water can by plumbed into a refrigerator or kitchen dispenser for easy enjoyment

SOURCE Hydropanel

Six reasons to choose SOURCE for your home

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    Healthy by Nature

    Made pure from the start using sunlight and air

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    Good for you

    Mineral enhanced for health and taste

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    Monitored for Quality

    Cloud connected and monitored† to ensure safety and quality

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    No Cost

    Donor funded for your community through SOURCE

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    No Infrastructure

    Bypass existing infrastructure with a completely self-contained system

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    Quick Setup

    Setup in a matter of weeks, use for 15-years

Renewable water for your home

A standard 2-Hydropanel array produces the equivalent of 300–600 standard water bottles* each month, on average. That's an incredible savings on water, with zero plastic waste.

2 Hydropanels

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for 4-6 people

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replaces approximately 300-600 bottles* each month

Get started with renewable drinking water for your home

Call us at (888) 706-0433 or complete this form to request a SOURCE Hydropanel system for free.