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We tap the sky for the best bottled water on Earth

Premium, renewable drinking water created from the sun and air.

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The most sustainable drinking water

The best water doesn’t come from the ground, but from above it. We start with pure water vapor molecules pulled straight from the air and add the perfect balance of minerals to create the best tasting bottle of water on the planet.

Starts pure, stays pure

Mineralized for health

Sustainably sourced

Premium Taste

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Locally Produced Eco Friendly Bottled Water

  • Powered by the sun and pulled directly from the fresh air, our water is renewably produced using sustainable technology and is never packaged in plastic. No matter where you are, SOURCE Hydropanels make capturing perfect water possible.  SOURCE Queensland is launching early 2021 in Australia.
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Water on a mission

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For each and every liter of SOURCE bottled water purchased

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One liter of water is given to an area in need, like the Guajira, Wayuu Tribal Land in Bahia Hondita, Colombia

Our mission at SOURCE has always been to perfect drinking water for every person, every place. Our new bottling initiative empowers consumers to make a difference on the local level in communities that need clean water most. With each liter produced, we inch closer to our goal.

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SOURCE Hydropanels pull water from the air, leaving our limited reserves of groundwater untouched.