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Perfect drinking water created from sunlight and air

The world’s first renewable drinking water system.
Clean, safe, made entirely off-grid, almost anywhere in the world.

Perfect drinking water for your home

Clean, safe, monitored and infrastructure free. Make premium drinking water for your household, right where you live.

SOURCE for your home
SOURCE® Queensland Bottled Water

We tap the sky for the best bottled water on earth

We’re on a mission to perfect drinking water for every person, every place. For the first time, our premium, renewable drinking water is available bottled in select regions around the world. Bottled SOURCE is always produced locally, sustainably and never packaged in plastic. Our new bottling initiative also empowers consumers to make a difference in their community. For every liter of SOURCE bottled water sold, a liter of clean drinking water is given to an area in need.

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The world’s first renewable water supply

Introducing SOURCE® Hydropanels – a sustainable water technology that uses the power of the sun to extract an endless volume of clean, reliable drinking water from the air.

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“But what if clean water could be conjured from thin air, materializing from nothingness to fill glasses, bathtubs, and reservoirs as if pure magic? It’s not sorcery, it’s science—and it could very well become a not-so-distant reality. ”

“SOURCE panels run independently of any other source of energy to create distilled water that is treated with calcium and magnesium, making drinkable water where it may be a scarce resource.”

“For the first time in water, we can establish, effectively, an artesian well anywhere on the planet without foreknowledge of what’s there.”

“Customers with a SOURCE panel array wind up spending far less than those who purchase plastic water bottles.”

“The company also provided interested spectators with samples of Source's water, which is enhanced with minerals before being pumped into your sink's plumbing. This reporter tried some, and it was cold and refreshing--certainly better than the tap water at the motel down the road.”

“Can Humans Survive on Water Vapor Alone? Technologies like hydropanels could keep us hydrated in a hotter, drier future.”

Take control of your water source

We’ve built custom solutions for water needs in more than 50 countries. Let’s build yours.